Training Solutions and Products

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TAl Team's proven methodology of integrating SMEs with curriculum developers, programmers, graphics artists, and instructional systems designers creates the most effective and efficient instructional interventions including:

  • Manpower and Training Analysis (MTA)
  • New Principle End Item (PEl) Training Materials
  • Front End Analysis (FEA)
  • Classroom and Interactive Multimedia Instructional (IMI) Materials
  • Development of Training Metrics
  • Interactive and Integrated Training Exercises
  • Training Requirements Analysis
  • Computer-Based Training / view demos /
  • Curriculum Development
  • Classroom and IMI Support / more info /
  • Individualized / Tailored Training
  • Interactive and Integrated Exercises
  • Knowledge Post Tests
  • Animated and Descriptive Technical Solutions
  • Web-Based Training and Training Aids
  • Interactive Software Simulations

Products are Section 508, DOD Standards and SCORM compliant, as applicable.

Marine Corps Center for Advanced Cultural Learning Classroom and IMI Support