Damage Control

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  • Over 400 combined years of Maritime Damage Control/Training Experience including:
  • Ship Survivability
    • Developed the Survivability Design Handbook - 2000
  • Coordination of USS COLE SRG Phase 3
    • Developed the Recoverability Design Guidance Handbook - 2005
  • Lead Contractor for U.S. Navy Damage Control Tactical Management System (DCTMS) Installation and Training
  • NRL - R&D Efforts
    • Advanced Damage Control Communication
    • Damage Control Readiness Metrics
    • Advanced Magazine Fire Protection Program

Program Support:

  • NAVSEA 05P14 Technical Warrant Support

Training Support:

  • DCTMS Training Requirements Development
  • Navy Mission Essential Tasks Lists and Job Task Analyses
  • Drill Sets, Scenario Generation
  • Measures of Effectiveness Development
  • Damage Control Training Team Training Aids
  • Doctrinal Publications Alignment
  • Afloat Training Group Pierside Training Support
NAVSEA Damage Control Tactical Management System (DCTMS) and Navy Warfare Training Continuum Alignment Drill Sets and Scenario Generation