Chemical, Biological, Radiological-Defense (CBR-D )

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Program Support:

  • CBR Individual Protective Equipment (IPE) Stowage
  • Engineering Designs for Ashore and Afloat Stowage of IPE
  • Shipboard Installation of Bulk and Distributed Stowage of CBR-D Kits and Protective Masks
  • CBR IPE Web Site
  • Portal Shield System Design Engineering
  • Dry Filter Unit System Design Engineering

Training Support:

  • Publications Revisions
    • DDS 671-1, Stowage for Chemical, Biological, and Radiological Defense Outfitting Equipment and Material
    • TACMEMO 3-11.1-02, Guide to Biological Warfare Defense and Bioterrorism: Afloat and Ashore
  • Curriculum Development
  • Subject Matters Expertise
    • MEU-level NBCD Chiefs
    • Damage Control Assistants
    • Afloat Training Group Evaulator
CBR Individual Protective Equipment (IPE) Stowage Stowage for CBR-D Outfitting Equipment  and  Material